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Bear Bones Bivvy Gear grew from a single idea – to build the lightest meths stove possible without sacrificing practicality. A lot of effort went into perfecting the design and as time passed, efficiency increased, weight dropped and eventually the 8g stove was born. The more bikepacking trips it was taken on, the more people saw it and they started to ask if they could have one. What had started as a simple idea had resulted in the world’s lightest commercially available meths stove.

Our promise

Many of our products are made to order, they’re not produced by the thousand in some far flung factory but by hand, in a barn, high in the Cambrian mountains. Every effort is made to get your gear out to you as quickly as possible. If we anticipate any delays in fulfilling your order, we’ll let you know straight away and will happily refund you if the estimated time scale is unacceptable.

We believe in the products we sell, so should a fault arise we’ll happily repair or replace the item. However, by their very nature ‘ultralight’ items often require a greater degree of care than ‘run of the mill’ equipment, so closely follow any product instructions and treat your gear sympathetically … we can’t warranty against abuse or misuse, although we’ll still try to help you out.

Custom designs

Over the years we’ve produced lots of ‘one off’ and custom products. So if you have an idea or require something different from the items listed in the shop, feel free to get in touch … we’ve a lot of experience to draw on and relish the challenge.


To keep postage costs to a minimum, UK deliveries are sent out second class Royal Mail and standard Royal Mail to Europe and the rest of the world. Delivery destinations are split into: free for local pick-up; UK; Europe; countries other than UK and Europe (rest of world). Simply click ‘Calculate Shipping’, then choose your location to see the correct cost of postage to your country.


Stuart Wright
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