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Chopping boards

Post by whitestone »

While dehydrated meals are fine, sometimes you fancy being a bit more, well, cultural :lol: and might want to actually make a meal rather than reconstitute one.

A search around our local supermarket (Morrisons to be precise) found a chopping board for the princely (be regal tomorrow (ba doom tish!) sum of £2.

Tools needed:
dividers (or suitable sized bowl/plate)
Emery paper

I couldn't find any of my old dividers from school - they've probably rusted away by now - but managed to find plates and bowls of roughly the correct size. The pans these were going in had rounded edges to the base so the boards needed to be a bit smaller.


Time to cut. I wasn't too accurate in following the pencil line but they both fit in the pans which is what matters. The crescent bite out of each is so that I can use a finger to lift them out of the bottom of the pan more easily.


Then it was just a matter of taking off the rough and sharp edges with the emery paper before giving them a wash.

Plenty big enough (the smaller one is just over 150mm in diameter) to chop onions, vegetables, etc.
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Re: Chopping boards

Post by Bearlegged »

Heh, neat.
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Re: Chopping boards

Post by Rasta »

"The crescent bite out of each is so that I can use a finger to lift them out of the bottom of the pan more easily"

I think there is a YouTube video on how to do this by turning the pot upside down. :-bd
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Re: Chopping boards

Post by redefined_cycles »

Well done Bob :-bd
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Re: Chopping boards

Post by In Reverse »

Doesn't count as "making" a meal unless you've actually grown the veg and reared and slaughtered the meat during the ride imo.
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Re: Chopping boards

Post by Zippy »

Pacman :grin:
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