Durable reflective material?

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Durable reflective material?

Post by Richpips »

I'm after some reasonably hardwearing reflective material to replace some cordura on a bikepacking harness. Something like that Proviz clothing but toufher.

Any ideas where I might source some from?

Ta Rich
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Re: Durable reflective material?

Post by Bearbonesnorm »

Perhaps re-purpose a high-viz work jacket Rich?
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Re: Durable reflective material?

Post by ledburner »

They all look reasonable, but the silver piping definitely isn't durable
For your intended purpose.
To make any durable stick some clear pvc over it.
I can pop some in the post. Or supply some tape I've already prepare..
Alternatively sew on the 50mm 'welded' tape and cut it down.
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