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Taff trail advice

Post by Ledburyjosh »


Has anyone cycled the taff trail?

I am after some info on this, it's a route I'm planning to cycle over 2 days with my mother, who is not a cyclist.

So a few things I'm hoping to learn is:

-Is the route flattish? I assume it is as it follows a canal.
-midway options for sleeping. A room either bunkhouse or bnb would be preferred over camping. Any recommendations?

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Re: Taff trail advice

Post by Verena »

Hiya, yes I did, many many many years ago though, when I wasn't a cyclist either...bit of an epic it was too, fondly remembered....
But I am local, so feel free to DM me with any more questions...
Between Cardiff and Ponsticill (not far after Merthyr Tydfil) it is fairly flat, apart from the short climb up to Castell Coch just outside Cardiff.
Then again, between Talybont and Brecon is all flat, along the canal as you say. So it's just the bit between Ponsticill and Talybont which involves a fair climb up to the top, but beautiful, and you can always push. Nice tea rooms near the highest point (Old Barn tearooms). Then to be rewarded though with one of the best long flowing downhills you could find, ask John Climber, rolling all the way down to Talybont.
For somewhere to spend the night, I don't know any of the places myself, but I'd suggest Ponsticill. Google maps has a Butchers Arms bunkhouse and brewpub, plus one or two other places shown.
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