All-rounder helmet

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All-rounder helmet

Post by faustus »

Yes yes, a number of politicians fit this bill!

However, i'm in need of a helmet I can use as a bit of an all rounder for road/gravel, mtb, and probably some town stuff too. I've got too many helmets that either don't fit right or are not quite right. Goldilocks would be light, well vented, removable visor that is actually useable (not current mtb trend of visors at the top of the head!), and preferably well under £100. I've also got a large 61cm head, so it needs to be available in Mekon size. Ta.
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Re: All-rounder helmet

Post by voodoo_simon »

I had a specialized propero 3 that fits the bill but it’s superseded by the 4, which I can’t comment on :roll:

Not quite sure how helpful this information really is… :lol:
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