DIY USB-powered fan-assist wood stove?

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DIY USB-powered fan-assist wood stove?

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There was some chat here about the LOFI fan-assisted wood gasification stove a while ago... ... FI#p293675

What struck me about this stove, and others like it, such as the much larger "Chengdu" stove ( ... ove.42751/ ) is that:

1. Even a small, low power fan can dramatically increase the efficiency of the stove - more heat, less soot, less ash, easier to keep the fire going.

2. The fans don't seem to melt, even though they must have plenty of meltable parts, and can't be fully heat shielded as their needs to be a space through which the breeze can flow into the combustion area. Presumably the fan does a good job of keeping itself cool as well as providing air to the combustion area. It's possible that using Titanium as a material helps too, with the lower thermal capacity of a very thin material.

Now, on eBay you can buy a USB powered CPU fans and a controller to vary the speed of the fan for a couple of quid each, or an all-in-one unit for £12.

Has anyone had a go at adding a fan like this to a wood gas stove (there are plenty out there)? How did it go? Did it improve the burn? Did the fan melt? Or am I just going to have to try it for myself?
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