Fat slick tyre

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Fat slick tyre

Post by ootini »

Hi all.

I'm looking for a slick road tyre in the 40mm width range. Any suggestions please? Google isn't finding much.

Thank you
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Re: Fat slick tyre

Post by johnnystorm »

Vittoria do the Terrano Zero, Randonneur and Voyager Hyper in the 35-40mm range. Used the Voyagers on my Fargo when I commuted on it and was pleased with them.
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Re: Fat slick tyre

Post by Dyffers »

Do Panaracer Gravelking Slick come in 40? They definitely do 35. I used 32s for a set of audaxes this year; the name is a misnomer, they are a decently fast road tyre not really a gravel tyre.
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Re: Fat slick tyre

Post by FLV »

Gravel king slick+ come in 38mm

GOne Speed in a 38mm

Pirelli Cinterato have a bit of side tread but are 40mm

Hutchinson override in 45mm

Spesh pathfinder pro, have some tread but 42mm

Spesh nimbus pro 38mm

Rene herse do a 44 or a 38

Terravail Rampart 42mm
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Re: Fat slick tyre

Post by yourguitarhero »

Beware of the gravelking slicks. They are very fragile and weep sealant through many pinprick holes.
Would recommend the + ones.

G-One Speeds are great tyres as are the Vittoria Terrenos.
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Re: Fat slick tyre

Post by Johnallan »

I used g-one speeds for a 1600km Audax. The tyres were great to ride but the rear was ruined after a week.
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Re: Fat slick tyre

Post by benp1 »

Something from Schwalbe? They do lots of touring tyres

I used to use a 38F/35R Marathon plus combo on my commuter (started narrower and went wider each time I wore a tyre out)
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Re: Fat slick tyre

Post by JackT »

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme roll well. 40mm.
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