Bikepacking events, but not hardcore?

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Re: Bikepacking events, but not hardcore?

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Another one that Rich Munro organises is the South Lakes Bike Fest. Again whether it goes ahead this year is open to question. For those who turn up early on the Friday there's a short overnight trip that you can do , don't think they go too far, maybe twenty miles in total there and back. Sat and Sun are just rides from the campsite, some organised, or do your own thing.

Does the Edinburgh bike festival that Marcus Stitz organises or helps organise still go ahead?

Looking at the long distance events/races you have to remember that all the participants had to start somewhere and they too will have had doubts about whether they could do it amongst all the other unknowns. I know I did. Also we aren't a closed up clique of mates who've descended en-masse to start bikepacking, we've mostly drifted in to it from other sports, quite a few ex fell runners and climbers in here for example. Apart from Stu's events and things like the JennRide or the ITTs it's unlikely many of us meet unless we specifically organise a ride/weekend.
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Re: Bikepacking events, but not hardcore?

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there's a short overnight trip that you can do , don't think they go too far
First one was 100 miler[ might have been km i forget] and four of us set off iirc.
Last year was a wash out so no one went i think - though I did head up to kentmere to bivy out in a storm to test my equipment - amazingly the wind blew the tent near flat at times but nothing even came close to breaking

There are loads of route choices from short to long there and its as relaxed as it gets - vry laid back and enjoyable event
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Re: Bikepacking events, but not hardcore?

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Adventurer wrote: Mon May 25, 2020 7:21 pm I normally bikepack on my own

I was considering in the future to maybe do a bikepacking event. However, what puts me off as they all seem to be on the ‘hardship’ side. You know, lots of suffering or type 2 fun.

Are there any that are a bit more laid back without the sufferfest?

This might be just me, but that’s how many of the bikepacking type events come across, so put me off doing them.
They come across as such because it seems that most treat them as such. Mostly we get to read about the front runners, the fastest few, all of which dig very deep and thus go through hard times, pushing themselves hard and often beyond a place they're comfy at.

We like to forget it's basically down to what one makes out of it.
I've not participated in many bikepacking events/races, but have followed many own sketched routes and while I find there's a certain terrain and climate, where it's really hard to not 'make it hard', most trips didn't neccessarily to include hardship.

The 'pressure' during an event, knowing that other participants are digging deep may likely infuse your personal take at it and change perspective a bit, but I always found it very positive. A positive, constructive pressure. Perhaps handling that is key to enjoyment and keeping it there.

I've met Highland Trail riders riding strong and covering large distances day after day and they were having a great time. Self included.
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