Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

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Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

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A big green blow up kayak a bit like this one (manufacturer's / UK dealer's www): ... ame-kayak/


NB: mine is an older model AND IS NOT THE ACTUAL BOAT IN THE IMAGE ABOVE. Photos of the real thing to follow when I get them sorted or I can email.

For those that don't know them they are pretty similar to a hardshell kayak but inflatable. Gets good speed, tracks true, turns well and takes a spray deck (not included). Great primary stability and typically used on freshwater. One of many online reviews: ... me-review/

An absolutely cracking boat but now surplus to requirements.

Thinking £225 but open to offers and happy to chat.

Due to size and weight I am loath to "post" it but happy to discuss mutually convenient meeting places etc. Based around Leeds.
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