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Fs - Islabikes Rothan and Cnoc16

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 4:16 pm
by Cheeky Monkey
Both seen some use thru various kids but still working well.

Rothan is the original version so has no brake. Bar plugs and grips could do with replacing. Paintjob rather chipped.

Cnoc16 has some vivid pink grips and a Princess bell. Touch of wobble in the rear hub but for a kid's bike it's fine, IMO. Also a gouge on the inside of one chainstay. If your kid's going to huck to flat I'd not recommend it but for "normal" use it'd be fine, IMO, again.

Have more pics via email if required. Would rather have them picked up than post. Leeds area.

£75 for the Rothan and £150 for the Cnoc16. Happy to consider offers.