Outers - continuous or not?

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Outers - continuous or not?

Post by ScotRoutes » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:35 pm

I've been searching around for a new frame and was just about to press the button on something custom when another option presented itself. It seems to have all of the right numbers, other than two small issues.

The first is that it has only two bottle cages. Ideally, I would have preferred a third under the down tube, but I'm happy to lash something up if needs be.

The second is that it requires interrupted cable outers. Again, I don't see this as a showstopper, though I'd have preferred continuous outers. I may even have at them with a drill/saw/file.

I was just wondering if folk had any real preferences one way or t'other - and why?

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Re: Outers - continuous or not?

Post by Chew » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:41 pm

For offroad use complete outers all the way. Current bike has them and never had an issue with them in over two years. Older bike had discontinuous cables and they would seize up every couple of months and need replacing.

Generally it a UK/US thing

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Re: Outers - continuous or not?

Post by composite » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:46 pm

I would prefer continuous outers if given a choice but in reality I have not had any problems with non continuous outers. Like you say at worst you can drill out the guides.

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Re: Outers - continuous or not?

Post by mtbmarkymark » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:47 pm

i have added bottle cage provision to quite a few frames using rivnuts without any problems. On my 11 year out litespeed Ti MTB frame THEY used nutserts for the bottle cages at the factory so i have never seen nutserts as a substandard option
and yes you can convert to continuous outers with a file and zipties
i find continuous outers good for gears but not really needed for mechanical disc brakes

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Re: Outers - continuous or not?

Post by Charliecres » Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:11 pm

I prefer full outers but have had frames with interrupted cables that have worked fine. Mind you, I've also had frames with interrupted cables that were horrendous and needed lubing and/or replacing all the time. I think some of it comes down to how the cables are routed. If it were me, I think I'd drill the stops and fit full outers.

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Re: Outers - continuous or not?

Post by u02sgb » Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:27 pm

Full outers every time. I drilled out the stops on my C456 so I could run full outers on it. Miss my Gore cables, they don't seem to do them any more (although they were pretty pricy). That was in the days when I had disposable income... ho hum... :???: .

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Re: Outers - continuous or not?

Post by johnnystorm » Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:37 pm

Continuous for me, not really noted any disadvantages. Other than whoever put the cables on my Fargo managed to put a razor sharp edge on every zip-tie he trimmed that at best holes my nitrile gloves, or worse cuts my hand while working on the bike! ~X(

I remember when MBUK, etc would slate UK bikes as they had continuous rear brake cable runs along the TT as this made maintenance more difficult. Fast forward a few years and now the magazines grumble if the cables aren't continuous because you have to maintain them. :roll:
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Re: Outers - continuous or not?

Post by FLV » Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:47 am

Dosnt really bother me either way with regard performance, I can cope with either.

My biggest problem with split outers is if the inner passes over the edge of a frame bag or strap. Pretty aggressive over several miles

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