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Hello from Manchester

Post by Zoglug » Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:15 pm

Afternoon all,
I stumbled across this site, after somebody posted up about the Alpkit Delta tent over on outdoors magic. I thought id sign up to get some advice on bike packing as it certainly something which appeals to me greatly.
I’m currently in the process of building up my kit in order to take on some overnight stops. Bike wise, I’ve got an On One 456 for off-road fun and when I’m on the roads I ride a Specialized Allez. At the moment, I’m still looking at the various possibilities for bags on the bike and haven’t decided between a rack or simply a saddle bag like the Carradice Camper Longflap.

As for general kit, I’ve have been building stuff up over the last few months with an aim of using it for walking in the peaks/Lakes/Wales, unfortunately it has not happened so far. I’ve turned into an Alpkit junkie, so have their Skyehigh 600 bag, Hunka bivi, Airo mat and gamma head torch. I’ve also got a Zephyros 2 tent in case I don’t fancy bivi’ing, and have just got a Coleman F1 stove. So my kit list is growing and im at a point where once i have picked up the bags i need ill be ready to tackle the wilderness and use the 456 the way it was meant to be used.

I am aiming for the WRT as my first attempt at bike packing, but i am seriously unfit but working towards it. Hopefully ive roped a friend into giving it a go too, so if i decide to do so, i may be looking for advice for what to actually carry with me!

Anyway, enough garbage from me!



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Re: Hello from Manchester

Post by Bearbonesnorm » Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:02 pm


I've used Carradice saddlebags in the past and they're fine BUT they're fairly heavy for the amount you can fit in them. In general trying to spread the weight around the bike rather than having it all in one place will work best. If you're an AlpKit junkie then buy one of their 13l drybags and use that fastened to the bars to carry your bulky/light(ish) items, eg sleeping bag, mat, etc.

Rather than a rack or saddlebag have you thought about either a:
Wilcat Tiger: http://wildcatgear.co.uk/2012/10/01/new-product-tiger/

Bikepack Repack: http://www.bikepack.pl/shop/

Or something from Revelate: http://www.backcountrybiking.co.uk/prod ... gory/seat/

They'll all give you plenty of under the saddle stowing options with minimum weight.

BTW - Don't worry about fitness on the WRT ;)
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Re: Hello from Manchester

Post by u02sgb » Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:50 pm

I've got a 456 Carbon too and I think a rack wouldn't do it any good. I'd also be careful of rubbing against the frame (as a framebag or a bar bag might do) as carbon isn't particularly abrasion resistant.

I've covered most of my frame in heli-tape (thereby reducing the weight advantage :D ). Having said that it's an amazing bike to ride, is relatively bombproof (apart from rubbing) and would probably do pretty well out in the hills camping. Welcome to the site, you're about to discover this is a lot of fun.


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Re: Hello from Manchester

Post by Zoglug » Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:10 am

Cheers guys!

Ive not come across Wildcat before, but as soon as payday rolls around i shall be purchasing a Tiger! I already have a 13 and an 8l airlock drybag from Alpkit (told you im a junkie!), it looks like it will work well just out in general too. Although i think i i could muster up something similar, ill probably end up ordering a Mountain Lion harness too. That then just leaves the frame bag, which i do like the look of the Wildcat clouded leopard! I did try to see what i could get in my 13l bag and getting my sleeping bag small enough to fit was a challenge, i couldnt get much else in there! It almost felt like i was playing tetris rearranging things!

Its not the carbon ive got, just the standard steel hardtail, i love it, but it probably hasnt had the use it deserves over the last 12 months but i plan to change that this year.

The WRT is definitely interesting me, especially as it appears i have roped a friend in too. I just need to make sure i have everything i need, can pack it all in and can actually cycle in the Welsh terrain!

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Re: Hello from Manchester

Post by Cheeky Monkey » Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:32 am

I get by with a revelate tangle bag and a Tiger/Wildcat combo.

Tangle is smaller and cheaper (ish) than full frame bag although it has less volume (not full triangle, just a bag below the TT).

Also look at Pawel's gear at bikepack.eu (IIRC). Personally I prefer the the harness to a dedicated bag for the bars but each to their own and his gear is good quality and good prices (coming from EU).

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