Recommend me some.... plus fours?

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Re: Recommend me some.... plus fours?

Post by PaulE » Mon Dec 07, 2020 8:25 pm

Polaris (possibly used to?) do fitted but not tight 3/4s called Capri. if you happen to fit into a less than generous ladies size 12, I'll be selling some brand new ones that I bought for MrsE but they don't fit her and I missed the return window...

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Re: Recommend me some.... plus fours?

Post by JackT » Tue Dec 08, 2020 3:07 pm

As mentioned by others, R_apha used to do them, and so did Swrve. I've also been very tempted by the Compass ones. The Jack Wolfskin ones mentioned up thread also look good. North Face have a grey polyester they use in their shorts that is both light and apparently indestructible but they don't do a 3/4.

Hilltrek used to do breeks in Ventile - they don't appear on the website any more but would probably still run you some up if you ask nicely. Might be a bit heavyweight for all but the coldest conditions.

My favourite cycling trousers are the Montero by Paramo (not the Montero Trail, which is a different material). They are excellent - windproof, fast drying, bit of stretch, invisible zipped side vents, and nice, MTB-free cut. You could do worse than buy a pair and have a local tailor or seamstress convert them to plus fours for you, or DIY if you've got sewing machine skillz.

Maybe a bit less technical as they're 97% cotton 3% elastane, but Decathlon's Simond 3/4 bouldering shorts at £19.99 are worth a look. I have a pair of unused size 32 I was about to return if you're interested JamesO but maybe you're even skinnier a racing snake than that.

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Re: Recommend me some.... plus fours?

Post by PeterC » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:14 am

@ Jameso

I was in my local Decathlon yesterday and spotted these: ... R-p-110325

They only had one pair left on the sale rail which were too small for me otherwise I would have bought them. They are cotton with a bit of stretch, with a gusset in the crotch area which could help with comfort on the bike. Very nicely made and quite smart for off bike wear. I think they would be really goood for cooler but dry conditions. Might have a think about ordering in a pair in my size.
Edit. hadn't noticed Jack had mentioned these in his post, still, a second recommendation.

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Re: Recommend me some.... plus fours?

Post by jameso » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:20 pm

Thanks PeterC, and Jack, sorry I missed the earlier mention of these and the 32s you had there.

These do look almost ideal though the cotton content would limit the value for me. Hadn't considered climbing/bouldering clothing brands as a place to look though - thanks.

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