Brake only levers for drop bars

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Brake only levers for drop bars

Post by Cheeky Monkey »

I thought this had been asked but couldn't find it. I maybe being thick :wink:

Anyway, trying 10 speed and friction shifter on the Gryphon so the current 9spd STIs are a bit "redundant". I could just keep them on there but a teeny bit of my OCD thinks "that ain''t right". So, thought I'd see what anyone recommends or condemns as brake only drop bar levers at the mo' (to work Avid BB7s)?

I've seen the TRP RRL (?) things that are all retro and drilled which I must admit make the tart in me a little warm and fuzzy.

The other irony is I just gave Ton back a set of levers. That'll teach me to get all generous with my parts bin :lol:
lune ranger
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Re: Brake only levers for drop bars

Post by lune ranger »

I’m running SRAM ones. Can’t remember exactly the designation (they only do one sort) but they work well enough and are comfy to hold. Same body and blade as other SRAM shift levers.
SJS cycles have the most comprehensive selection I’ve seen with TRP, Dia Compe, Tektro and others on show.
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Re: Brake only levers for drop bars

Post by faustus »

I think the TRP RRLs are nice too, often thought of building a bike based on them! But i dislike cable discs so i won't.
Other options are Tektro RL520, £20. Assuming the BB7 is the road version. There's a good selection here:
Best ones I used were Cane Creek V-brake drops, with longer cable pull. The mini-Vs were OK, but I wonder if they'd work with mtb cable discs better than STis and road-pull calipers...?
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Re: Brake only levers for drop bars

Post by Bearbonesnorm »

I've got and had plenty of Dia-Compe ones, really can't fault them.
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Re: Brake only levers for drop bars

Post by htrider »

Favs are the Cane Creek non v levers. Really comfy. Annoyingly the v versions have a narrower hood and are a bit less comfy....
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