Replace the body of a CHOSEN freehub ??

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Replace the body of a CHOSEN freehub ??

Post by javatime » Fri May 01, 2020 3:25 pm

I have also posted this on the CTC website, but know we have a fair few fettlers here....

I have a reasonable set of Planet X wheels that I bought secondhand and have been commuting on for a few years. I think they were AL30 ? and really "owe me nothing"

The rear recently started to creak, and pretty sure this is due to wear on the Al hub body. The splines were worn when I bought the wheels, I have been using them with a correctly torqued 10 speed cassette and spacer. The bearings look good and feel smoth. I have done a lot of elimination - No creaks when I fit another rear wheel, or the same cassettes on different wheels.

I got the freehub off - Px don't stock spares. It is marked CHO14-04 SEN-04 and I think this is OSFH-06BW-SC-11S when I look at the CHOSEN website. I have contacted CHOSEN via their website, but think it is unlikely they would supply me direct.

The freehub body also appears on alibaba as ASP85707B, as part of a carbon wheel build.

I am open to suggestions. I know that these OEM hubs are often rebranded by other suppliers, or perhaps CHOSEN have rebranded something else ? The spares available for RSP and Superstars hubs don't seem to use this model where the seal is a push fit into the hub body and not attached to the freehub spline body.

I am coming around to the idea of fitting a new 10 speed cassette and using an appropriate loctite - and perhaps accepting this is a one way non reversible repair until the cassette (or myself) finally expire. Any recommendations on what grade to use assuming that I will never want to remove it ?

It seems like a replacement free hub if I could find one would be around £ 40 - so if I do follow the Loctite route it looks to me that Loctite 641 would be the one, a retaining compound that allows dissassembly(so actually reversible if needed) - I am open to other options and advice !


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