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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Al » Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:05 pm

Moved from Norfolk to Shropshire about a year and half ago which has led to a lot of movement in the bike stable - out went the single speed mtb, cross bike, pompino fixie and a lovely Condor road bike. Currently ride....

Sonder Camino Al - nearest thing I still have to a road bike, set up 2x10 with a 42/28 and 700c x 40 Nanos (after we moved I lasted two rides on my 25c tyres on the old road bike before I decided to sell it!) - gets ridden the most as its pretty perfect for exploring all the lanes and drovers roads round here

On-one Lurcher - Carbon frame / carbon fork. I've had this for ages and is my main bike packing bike, set up 2x10 with microshift thumb shifters (which I'm a massive fan of), ugly looking thing but its very comfy for long ride and has had lots of adventures

Salsa Spearfish - older non-split pivot in bright orange bought from Ian, also 2x10 as there is nothing like Shropshire hills for making you want your granny ring. My first full susser in a good while, I sold the last one after a nasty spill and broken bones at llandegla years ago. Loving it, it just files along.

Salsa El-mariarchi - recent purchase from BenP, building up with some nice light wheels and 1x10 because thats what I had spare. Not had much chance to put some miles in on it yet but it feels good to have a quality rigid steel 29er again.

Old alloy cyclocross franken-bike - has On-one Mary bars, Deore thumb shifters, V-brakes and a tesco shopping basket on the front. Gets used for hauling kids trailers as its the only non-disc brake thing I own. Has a horrible alloy fork which I curse every time I ride it.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by dnrc » Sun Jun 23, 2019 10:58 pm

My collection:

Genesis Croix De Fer Ti (2018)
I love titanium, i also love the Croix De Fer. this is my No 1 Bike, built it up with Sram Etap WiFli. On Mavic Open Pro wheels and Gravelkings. Do most of my riding on this, and my last 2 Bikepacking trips

ALAN (1994)
An absolute work of art - Glued and screwed frame in blue. Campagnolo Daytona groupset with Anodised blue mavic rims and gumwall panaracer paselas.

Genesis Croix De Fer (2017)
Was my second CDF, in the lovely dark blue/light blue. Set up with a triple. Toured the moselle/rhine on it. I then decided to upgrade to the Ti version but couldn't bear to part with it

Van Nicholas Euros
Titanium again. Campagnolo groupset, champagne mavic rims this time - Road bike so barely used now

Raleigh M-TRAX
My only MTB (I live in Norfolk) Very old school. Titanium Main tubes, the rest steel. With original bullhorn bars

Raleigh Record Sprint
The black one with gold bits - Lovely old racer. Picked it up about a year ago in excellent condition. Far too good for what i use it for - popping to the shops!

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by redefined_cycles » Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:55 pm

Just 3 here for me.

I suppose a special mention should be given to my Gunter (pronounced Gunther). Fox forked Cannondale F800. From the era when disc had just started coming to market (and this was one of the first that came with discs i beleive... 2004ish AFAIR). Reason for the special mention is that Gunter was donated to charity for ambulance services in the 3rd world. Amazing bike and I do hope to be reunited with him in the hereafter :-bd


Frieda (Legend by Bertoletti):

Made by the guy that apparently used to make Passonis. Frieda is my regular commuter roadieand made from some sort of highend Columbus steel. Came in weighing alot more (500g actually) than the claimed wieght... But I believe thats the Italian way as their doing you a favour right :lol: Made by someone who doesnt really like to smile but I was indeed the second owner.

First owner was a bit of a ### but maybe he was like that cos I bought his 2k frameset for a measly £400. Rude ebayer and forgot to tell me the inside carbon fork had a massived gash. I complained, he got rude and said to send it back... I kept it (like you do).

Dunno if Stu remembers me asking on here before getting rid of my legendary Independent Fabrications Deluxe in 853 steel. What a lovely bike that was (possibly my best ever as it was mtb and made by the nice people that used to make YoEddy Fat Chance). Anyway, before it becomes a bit sobby, I reckon Frieda was a direct replacement (blessing from Allah in my opinion for the little bits of charoty work I do here and there)... anyway, ahem, next


Canyon Ultimate CF frameset which was the first ever frame I bought that wasn't 2nd hand. Was also my first intro to carbon and its when I realised that this stuff can be tuned to ride nice and comfy.

Lovely bike and it was the donor (part*) grouspet that went onto Frieda. Am hoping to build Earnie up again slowly with superlight gearing and hoping to try and get up Hardknotts pass with him eventually (have failed once already) with a ratio of 34/34 (front small ring and rear big ring respectively). Can't wait (well, actually I can cos its a roadie and who in their right mind likes riding roads (unless they're a bit steep).

Stan (the Sonder). Well, what can I say. Its my proper bike and most of Stan was informed from thorough research and knowledge from the group on here (so very very many thanks). Stans just lovely and can take 3.2 up front and 3.0 rear (at a squeeze). Again, my second ever bike that I bought new -well the frame was. Saved up slowly for Stans frame and then prices went up from £700 to 1k. I grovelled to Alpkit but didnt hage to really as they honoured the previous price and the carbon frame was bought...

Honorable mentions: Gone but not forgotten

GT pantera. Wow. What a frigging bike. It managed to almost bend time and space for me with its rusting rigid (think the Kona Project) forks and was my first into to rigids. Decided I needed to refurb and sort out the loose BB but ended up failing at it. Didn't know about the heat treatment for steel in them days. Still is my ebay profile pic.

retro GT Zaskar: simply amazing

My lovely SantaCruz Superlight. SantaJohn he was called and he was orange. Loved that bike, but as with all full sussers, you have to let em go (is it not). Amazing.

Aaaanyway... I shall stop there and sorry for going over and beyond the actual...

Did I mention the Boardman Pro... sorry

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Pirahna » Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:30 am

The Jones. A diamond frame with truss fork, seems to be my go-to bike at the moment. If I were to have just one bike this would be it.

Niner SIR9. Rigid Niner steel fork, the bike is setup as a singlespeed. It's my winter bike.

Cannondale CAADX. Just because everyone needs a crosser. Mainly gets used in the winter, the local soil has is heavy clay and often isn't rideable. The crosser is better on the road and for reaching further away trails.

Scott CR1. I've owned this a long time. Bought as a frame and fork on Ebay and kitted out with 10 speed Campag Chorus, it's a lovely thing to ride, doesn't get used to much these days but I'll never sell it.

Specialized Stumpy. A carbon hardtail in white with a white Niner fork, it's my bit of bling. It really only gets ridden when there's no mud around.

Specialized Langster. A leftover from my road riding days it's only ever used with a fixed gear but hasn't been ridden for a couple of years. Going on Ebay shortly.

Specialized Crux. My non disc crosser. It's in the loft although ready to ride, not been used for about 3 years, another one destined for Ebay.

The loft. This contains an original Marin Eldridge Grade, a Ridley road frame that needs to go, a Ridley cross almost complete bike that needs to go, 2 custom steel framesets, one I've got plans for with some 7 speed Campag and Delta brakes I've acquired.

Then there's the bikes I look after, the wife's collection.

Custom Ti road bike. Wifey is all legs and no torso, her road bikes all have a 56cm seat tube with a 52cm top tube. Try buying one of those off the shelf.

Jones Spaceframe. I finally managed to get her to ride my Jones after years of her saying it was too heavy. She bought a second hand Spaceframe .

Custom Ti road bike with mudguards.

Custom Steel road bike.

Specialized Fate Carbon Expert. Got it new but half price at the end of the year about four years ago. She's pretty quick on it but hasn't used it this year since getting the Jones.

Charge Cooker singlespeed. Her winter off roader for a couple of year, I'll probably Ebay it.

Scott CX. It's old but off the shelf it's the only bike she's ever got that fitted. No idea how old, she got it second hand quite a few years ago. It doesn't get ridden to often but has no value so it's with us for life.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Kumquat » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:24 am

Charge plug tange prestige
This is my do it all bike.
Was my commuter.
Now for weekend riding.

Singular Rooster
Bike packing bike
Used for overnighters and trips back to England.

Peugeot team 653
Retro road bike.
Only gets used in the summer and sometimes on a turbo in the winter.
Mainly for high speed summer Sunday runs.

Marin bear valley se
Rusty old frame rescued
And rattle cannned national trust Green
Furnished with all the bits off a broken 93 rockhopper.
Built as a pub bike but I don't go to the pub. Currently languishing in storage.
Grubby little urchin.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by psling » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:45 am

Bearbonesnorm wrote:
Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:43 pm
my PM to you is hanging around in my outbox, for some reason.
Because that's what they do until someone the other end has read it.

Maybe he's out enjoying the weather, after all, it's only about an hour and a half since you sent it.
:cool: Yep, I sometimes tend to leave technology behind at the weekends, especially when the weather is fine and the trails are calling! Anyway, read and replied Pete :-bd
We go out into the hills to lose ourselves, not to get lost. You are only lost if you need to be somewhere else and if you really need to be somewhere else then you're probably in the wrong place to begin with.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by RobLyon » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:51 am

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by JoseMcTavish » Tue Jun 25, 2019 1:27 pm

My collection is mainly predicated by my inability to let go of a bike that still works! Not many exciting things here, but all well used.

On One Inbred 26" - Had this one the longest. I got the frame 2nd hand in 2004 and built it up with the intention to ride the GDMBR on it - haven't quite managed to get the time off work for that yet! Has done many Scottish coast to coast rides and everything in between. Still rides nice, but my wife loves it too so I used this as an excuse to own another steel hardtail.

Kona Cinder Cone 1998 - Another 2nd hand frame and forks I got in 2007 with P2 forks and eventually converted to a hardtail with the Rebas from another frame I retired. Is lighter, faster and comfier than the Inbred, but much less competent downhill. Gets ridden a lot as it tows the Chariot for kid/bike transportation duties during the week.

Van Nicholas Amazon - My first road bike, built 9 years ago. The MTBer in me wanted disc brakes and tyre clearance and this was pretty much the only option at the time. I have several sets of wheels for it with various tyre combos going up to 700cx45. Has been set up as a 1x11 Ultegra/XTR Di2 for the last few years. Super versatile and way ahead of its time.

On One Pompino - This was my singlespeed commuter for years, but when I wore through the rims I replaced it with a disc equipped equivalent. Currently awaiting stripping down and selling on the frame/fork.

Marin Nicasio SS - A steel single speed road bike that wasn't too dear and looked good. Replaced my Pompino for commuting but need to tweak the setup a bit as it feels slower for some intangible reason. As soon as I bought it a load of Pompetamine frames popped up on eBay - typical!

Trek Fuel Ex9.9 2010 - Another 2nd hand bargain I couldn't resist. Super light and quick carbon fibre full sus. Did the Cairngorms Loop and was planning to ride the HT550 on it but managed to knacker the wheels the week before, so went the opposite way and used a rigid 29er instead!

Ritchey Commando - The result of the evil bargain alert thread on here. Have always liked Ritchey stuff and when this was massively reduced on Merlin I couldn't resist. I built up some 29er wheels for it first and liked it so much I rode the HT550 on it and pretty much every mountain bike ride since. It's now running 29x3" tyres and the rollability is amazing compared to all my 26" bikes. Not sure if I'll ever get round to putting proper fat bike wheels on it to be honest.
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Joe » Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:10 pm

1. Jones 29er steel diamond frame with truss fork - vaguely exciting mountain bike, normally use it for bikepacking or longer offroad rides.

2. Jones 29er ti Spaceframe set up with 650b+ wheels - brilliant to ride, usually use it for shorter day rides

3. 80's Graham Weigh Road bike - I had it re-sprayed all black and it's set up singlespeed with sks raceblades and dynamo lights. Really comfy to commute on although I never really ride it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Gets me to the fire station nice and quick though.

4. Dawes Galaxy - Really nice bike that I have enjoyed cycling a lot in the past, can't see myself using it much in the future though, it's not a spritely ride when it's unloaded and the thought of using panniers and racks is not appealing anymore!

5. Marino Trials bike - Not used enough recently and probably needs selling

6. 1955 Raleigh Trent Tourist - My grandfather's old bike, definitely needs some attention and I'd like to restore the whole thing although it's not really worth it. Still nice to take it out for a ride when it's sunny though. Good bike for picnics.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by JezS » Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:19 pm

Shameless plug for a recent classifieds post!

1/ An AMAZING Salsa Marrakesh - pioneering the 1x9 drivetrain for going to work and dreaming about going round the world...[frameset for sale on classifieds :-bd ]
2/ Specialized Epic 29er short travel full suss for going fast off road... it's been a PITA ever since I bought it.. but can' t face the loss of ££ by getting rid.
3/ Scott Scale 29er for going faster and bikepacking duties
4/ Kinesis tripster for going long and gravelly
5/ Cannondale super six for going proper road biking in the peak district
6/ Cervelo R3 for going to lycra cafes in Surrey
7/ Brompton for going to the pub on the train

Further fleet reduction required i think.... problem is they all get used....and then all need maintaining.....

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Moff » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:31 pm

1/ Salsa El Mariachi (Red one) - does most my off road miles, in rigid SS mode. Bike packing, mooching around the New Forest.
a) with Reba's (current setup) for Mountain Mayhem SS Solo attempt - need to try for Bike Packing.
b) with Alfine - for bigger/hiller bike packing trips (Jenn Ride etc)

2/ Commencal Meta AM - for trail and gravity based fun. Also used for Adventure/Navigator Racing.

3/ Merkkx Strasborough - the road machine, also used in the Hurtbox

4/ Moff Industries One - 26" Singlespeed frame I built at the UBI (2007) only 75% built, cranks and brakes got stolen for

5/ Salsa El Mariachi (Blue one) - first foray into 29er's, currently just a frame lying in the loft (must sell it) - 17" 1 1/8 headtube, to small for me.

6/ Cotic Soul (small and orange) - Helen's bike.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Raggedstone » Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:23 pm

In order of appearance ,

1 - 1991 Diamondback Axis , The bike that lit a fire that still burns brightly still used as my touring bike for sustrans type routes and occasional rides .

2 - Pace rc200 f6 , Saw the frame hanging on a bike shop wall fell in love with it there and then a thing of beauty and bought it . Just a brilliant bike to ride which I did I had to get one of the original thudbuster seatposts as it wasn't built for comfort . Sent it back to Pace to have rear disc mounts welded on and re anodised for trip to Morzine I took a bit of a hammering Converted it to singlespeed not used much going to revert to gears and ride ..

3-. Giant VT 2,. For a bit more comfort on the technical stuff another great bike climbed amazingly for a bike with nearly 150mm of travel in 2005 . This time we went to Whistler bike survived better than me in fact I would say it's indistructable still used regularly and still running the original main pivot bearings .

4- Iron Horse 7.5 . Off to Whistler again thought it was about time I took an appropriate bike on holiday used there and trips to Innerleithen not ridden for years .

5-. Pace 305 , Probably still my most used bike did mayhem solo on it loads of long rides just good fun to ride anytime anywhere .

6- Pace 506 . Whistler again but X country trails this time fed up with going over the bars so liked the slack hard angle another great bike in my opinion loads of trips to Torridon and abroad used regularly.

7-. Banshee Rune ,. Final trip to Whistler 2016 for road trip so thought I better get with the long low and slack crowd the only bike I haven't bonded with might have to go .

8- Pivot 429 ,. Bought to do the Highland Trail last year which it did without a glitch a trip where the bike packing bug bit and led me to this wonderful community . If I had to have only one bike it would be this one .

Still got them all because most of them have an emotional attachment

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by benconnolli » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:27 pm

In order of use:

Muddy fox streetfinder much loved on my paper round now converted to 700c fixie. Makes flat riding far less boring and will happily lock up anywhere.

Orange Clockwork 1992. Was my A to B bike at uni until I jumped into a pothole. Replaced the fork eventually and got skinny single speed wheels so is probably my lightest bike. Love taking it out in the middle of the night and putting my head to rights with no distractions.

Trek 6000 1999 mtb which I joined the uni MTB club on. With 1.95" knobblies and the fearlessness of someone who had never hurt themselves on a bike I kept on the tails of the modern boys' bouncy bikes. This bike got me cycling for fun. Old sidewalls split and the v brakes only have 2" clearance so struggling to find tyres to make this a xc sort of thing.

Revolution Ali disc touring bike. Upgraded wheels and put nanos on to make it gravel capable. 21st birthday present. After hand-me-down bikes this was new and all mine. Done so many continuous days on this that it feels an extension of my consciousness. Could happily only have this, but different bikes feel so different and I love that about them.

Steel 10 speed tourer custom build for my Grandad with campag bits. Bright orange including bar tape and tanwall tyres. Used as commuter, load up the front rack for shopping, want to take this on a swan song up some Welsh bridleways following in the tyre tracks of the Rough Stuff Fellowship.

Titus El Chulo 29er MTB. Got this frame with my first proper pay cheque. More capable than I am descending and pedals ok for covering distance on. Bikepacking duties or playing in the mud and rocks.

Bianchi Mega Pro XL 1999. Serious road bike found for an absolute steal. Nothing compares to the grimaced grin grinding up a hill on this.

All these bikes are worth more to me than anyone else. I would sell my bed before them

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by bigtalljohn » Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:33 am

I sold all my bikes when I retired from cycling and only returned 4 years ago

On one fat bike, ride rarely but love it when I do.

Orbea loki, got it for the puffer and riding around the Highlands

Stooge Mk3, originally MK1 but it snapped, single speed setup at the moment but put gears on for bike packing because I'm getting old

On one full monty gravel bike, just makes sense up here rather than a road bike

4 years back in the saddle and 4 bikes🤔
At my age you would think I would be very wise, but alas still stupid enough to get into trouble

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by ianpv » Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:14 am

oh god. This is like some kind of weird confessional thread for addicts.

Bird AM9 - big bike for bike parks with my son and mtn biking with people who like the steep stuff. It's an incredible bike that deserves to be ridden more. The only frame I've bought new for years.
Whyte T129 - trail bike for mountain biking, bought because the AM9 was just too big for 'normal' riding. Gets used a fair bit, and is a pretty amazing thing. It's a later one that can take a proper tyre.
Cotic Solaris MK1 - now built up rigid with on-one copy jones bars, but I have a suspension fork for it, and a set of plus wheels. My main bikepacking bike. Not much paint left on it!
Santa Cruz chameleon - mountain bike for when it is raining, it's one of the new 29er ones. Was meant to replace the solaris, but I ended up keeping both.
Evil DOC - old jump bike used a lot as my son races bmx so I spend a lot of time at bmx and pump tracks, and may as well be riding. Lovely little thing, keeps trying to kill me though.
Marin Bear Valley - old 96 steel skip frame used as a commuter after I cracked the headtube on my other commuter
Giant TCR advanced SL - 2012, so getting on a bit, but an absolute joy to ride. Integrated seatpost and all that jazz. Not riding much road recently but normally gets out once or twice a week.
Pinnacle Arkose - bought super cheap on Ebay to do the TNR, and I'm pretty fond of it, although it doesn't get ridden all that much.

Eight bloody bikes. Ridiculous. If I had to keep only two it would be the Chameleon and the Arkose. They could cover most bases with a few sets of tyres. I would miss a suspension mtn bike though (and a proper road bike, and a big bike, and the jump bike etc...).

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by AlasdairMc » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:04 am

AlasdairMc wrote:
Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:19 pm
Currently on six, and I can see myself sticking with that for a while unless I bow to peer pressure and start using suspension.

1 - Brompton. Bought it unintentionally as the folder I was using in London (Tern Verge) broke to the point of needing replaced six months into my ownership of it. It gets used for short journeys or when I don’t trust the outdoor security where I am - so end up bringing it indoors.

2 - Salsa Warbird. Currently on the turbo, doesn’t get used much either. I probably should return it to active service and put the road bike on the turbo instead

3 - Van Nicholas Mistral. It has been out of use for a couple of years but I’ve dusted it off for an event this weekend. I’d forgotten just how good a light bike was, and I really like Ti bikes (see below).

4 - Ti Stooge. Currently singlespeed, it’s my commuter when I’m not on the Van Nic or Brompton. Fast and great fun off-road.

5 - Jones Spaceframe Ti. This is my Sunday best bike, and gets used for bikepacking among other things. Definitely a bike for life (when you ignore the fact I cracked the truss fork - subsequently repaired)

6 - fatbike. 853 steel custom, made by Kinetics for the previous owner, who conveniently is my size and rides the same sort of bikes I like. It rides like a short travel full suss with unlimited grip, and the Ti truss (another one) keeps the front end nice and stiff while the tyre gives comfort.
Better make that 7. I’ll be picking up a cheap singlespeed this weekend as I’ve recognised the need for something I can leave locked up around town without worrying about it.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Piemonster » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:32 am

Sonder Camino AL with two sets of wheels for commuting/cafe/easy terrain hacking. The most frequently used bike that works best most of the time. This is the bike with the dynamo for good reason.

Sonder Broken Road. Basically a bike for accessing remote (for me) places. Either rigid or with Rebas. The bike I enjoy riding the most, at least when it’s in 650b+ mode, less so as a 29er.

Scott Spark 730+, also tremendous fun. But mainly as a 29er, less so as a 650b+. I keep wanting to try it with normal 650b wheels.

Scott CR1 plastic road bike. A really nice bike that never gets used. It’s done more Zwift miles and actual road miles. Locally road riding isn’t great and needs a drive to get somewhere decent.

Genesis Day One SS, lovely. This is the winter commuter and I enjoy every minute of it.

chris n
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by chris n » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:42 am

Just 3. :-bd

Cotic Escapade. 67" fixed, hydro discs, dynamo, guards. Commuter, audax winter bike. It's heavy, slow and shimmies a bit with a saddle bag on, but it's great to ride.

Pact Ti. 2x11, discs, flared drops, mudguards. Got two pairs of wheels for this - one road, one gravel. Used for weekend rides, touring/bikepacking and audax.

Rigid Salsa El Mar. Currently got Jones bars and SS, but will soon be going to 1x10. MTBing, bikepacking and dicking around with the kids.
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Scattamah » Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:43 am

Three at the moment, but I keep threatening to get another.

Trek Superfly 2013 hardtail 29", XTR, Niner RDO carbon fork, Whiskey bar. Lois the mile muncher.
Scott Montana 2006 hardtail 26", SLX/XT, RS SID team fork, Easton Monkey Lite XC bar. Tessy the pub bike.
Flyxxi matt carbon 29", XT/XTR, DT Swiss fork, Bonty 680mm flat bar, Crossmax wheels on order. Flic the thrasher.
Retired the Cadex CFM3 last year to build the Montana.



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Re: Your bike collection

Post by marcinski » Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:36 pm

I'll play too.
Currently at 3:

1. old early 90's VSF Fahrradmanufaktur which I had converted to 26'' wheels with custom low trail fork for grocery-getting and child carrying duty. Also sees occasional easy bike tour with the wife.
2. Singular Gryphon with PX Geoff bar, probably my favourite. Getting a second, 27.5+ wheelset for it, with more offroad-worthy tyres, so that I can put some fat slicks on 700c wheels. This way it will get more everyday use as fat tyred mixed roads/forest explorer.
3. Rondo Ruut Ti - on duty as a road bike - with 650b Gravelking Slicks for summer and Sendero knobblies for winter slop.


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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Dr Nick » Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:32 pm

Enjoyed the variety in this thread. :-bd

After a recent rationalisation due to a house move - from a double garage to small shed:

1 Cannondale Fat Caad 1 fat bike with lefty fork - is my off-road and bike-packing bike
2 Moulton series 1 with sturmey 5 speed and nitto moustache bars - is my 'road' bike
Strictly it's Becky's, but I have custody whilst my...
3 Moulton Mk3 is in bits
4 Airnimal folder run fixed with an ENO rear hub - was used daily, but a change in commute meant I needed something with a smaller fold so bike to work scheme got me a
5 Brompton 2 speed
6 Dahon folder (rescued from the tip - will live on the narrow boat)
7 Dahon folder, I was given to fix, about to be sold to a colleague.
Not so much a gravel grinder.... more a gravel (mud and tarmac) groveller...

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Jamesh » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:42 pm

Some interesting collections. I seem to keep hold of bikes and collect 'projects' far too much. I have a big shed which similarly a curse
Aside from different projects, (old polo bike, bmxes and tall bike experiments) this is my current stable.

Orange p7 - black , 2010 era?, set up singlespeed. With those fiddly hayes brakes
Ritchey Ultra - (2019 one) newest addition. Pikes,etc. My main 29er trail/bikepack whip
Salsa Cutthroat - pinky/purply one with some sram carbon bits
genesis cdf -set up in pothole friendly road bike mode
thorn nomad - rohloff tank like bike. Done some large tours and not parted since, although basically retired
Bianchi road bike - I'd rather ride longer slower miles on a cdf than this tbh
holdsworth track bike - some reynolds track frame. Had the bike repainted and was the ticket when lived in central Oxford.
Also in back of shed is an old peugeot tourer and dawes super galaxy.

Think next move is a clear out and pick up something like an el camino for mixed miles

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by benp1 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:30 pm

Just had a reread through this, great collections of bikes here. So interesting seeing what people have

Slight bias to off road bikes but I suppose that's no surprise given the forum

Disappointly my MTB hasn't been ridden since the WRT. Have been on my commuter this week, rode my Big Dummy today to run some errands with my daughter straight from the school pick up (it's normally a walk). Brompton tomorrow due to work/after work arrangements.

For now 4 is about as much as I need today, although I suppose I could double up within the same category - maybe a bakfiets or low loader style cargo bike and another commuter

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by whonickedmename » Sat Jul 27, 2019 5:07 pm

The current stable includes (thin to fat) :

Felt VR3 carbon road bike, Ultegra disc with 32mm tubeless tyres, as comfortable as you can be on a road bike. I'd had enough of juddery thin wheels and rim brakes on the back roads I seem to end up on...
Pinnacle Arkose 3 frame-based gravel bike with 1x drive train, Chinese carbon fork and 700c 42mm WTB Resolutes which seem to puncture far too often...good for local exploration though.
Pinnacle Ramin 4 frame-based do it all bike which is the bikepacking favourite. Sonder loop bars, 1x drive train and a selection of wheels to allow 29+/b+ (favourite combo), b+/b+, 29/29 etc. The Chinese boost carbon 29+ fork up front also gives a more relaxed head angle. This has also seen a few more interesting trails and has proved quite capable!
Salsa Bucksaw Carbon with a Bluto, BR710/hope wheels and 4" jumbo jims, lots of fun out on the trails. 1x drive train of course. Must get out on this more....

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by In Reverse » Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:06 pm

A reasonably lean 4:

2012 Charge Cooker, nice steel frame that doesn't get ridden much these days. Just set it up single speed to use as a canal path commuter, yet to actually commute on it though :roll:

2015 Surly Ogre, set up with touring bars, mudguards and 2.35" Schwalbe Big Apples. Used for all my road riding and most adventure/VVE type stuff. Should really get rid of this to make space as I want to buy a swish gravel bike but just can't bear to part with it. Keep telling myself that I need to keep it as a winter bike. :-bd

2017 Titus Fireline, main bikepacking/XC bike. Love it - a really fun, comfortable ride. Have run it variously with a Lauf, a 160mm Pike, a 140mm Fox 34, and a Niner rigid carbon fork. Just put the Pike back on to race it at Ard Rock Marathon next weekend.

2018 Mondraker Crafty RR+, did have the 2015 version but snapped the frame and got this as a warranty replacement. Ended up replacing everything else too as it's designed for 650B+ with a super-boost rear. Upgraded to
a 160mm fork, 203mm rotors and added a 2° offset headset. Use it on rockier stuff in the Peaks and Lakes etc. Just took it to Morzine. Very capable bike and the plus tyres really add something to the experience. It's a bit of a bulky lump and I'd probably prefer something more light and nimble (maybe a Kona Hei Hei like Gian's), sadly though I probably don't ride it enough to justify swapping.

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