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Your bike collection

Post by benp1 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:01 pm

I love hearing about what bikes folks have and why, so tell me about yours...

I've spent a little while refining my collection down to the minimum number of bikes I think I can get away with (for someone with a bike hobby anyway)

1 - Commuter. Pinnacle Arkose. In full commuter livery with marathon plus tyres, D lock, rack, guards, lights. This is technically also my road bike as I'm not a roadie but is used on the road most of the time. This is the bike I ride the most

2 - MTB. Solaris running a rigid fork. Was running suspension when I first had it, still have the sus fork. This is my 'fun' bike, used on most of my bikepacking trips, if I'm 'going for a ride' this is the bike I take. Have a second set of wheels for it to put some fast rolling tyres but have yet to have time to do this

3 - Folder. Brompton, used for all sorts of things, really useful to be able to fold it up and put it in the boot or take it on public transport. Also have the IT chair to let me take a small person on it. Furthest this bike generally gets ridden is to work, or back. Great for multi modal transport

4- Cargo. Surly Big Dummy. My most recent purchase and my plan for not getting a 2nd car, for now anyway. Have been using it for family and practical things. Doing the shopping, running errands with the kids, taking one of the kids to a club or something similar.

I peaked at 5 bikes but the 5th bike wasn't being ridden. 4 bikes seems to be the best balancing point for me, they all get ridden, some more than others though. No immediate plans to change, oldest bike is from 2014
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by benp1 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:05 pm

I should also say that I've tried the 'only 1 bike' game, but in reality I have quite a range of needs and 1 bike wouldn't work for that, and those 4 bikes are so different that they all justify their place. I'm struggling to find space for all 4 though, at least the Brompton folds

Flawed logic to layperson though!

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Lazarus » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:15 pm

One bike is utter madness and i could not do it- its impossible to have a bike that will be fine for both a 20 mile each way commute and MTB

1. Turner 5 spot - 26 aint dead
2. Love Hate SS - 26 ers steel - a retro classic at 5 years old!
3.geneisis Longtitude
4. Salsa spearfish
5 Charge filter CX/Commuter
6. the ro ad bike

Any more would be indulgent

Only the rroad bike is not riddeen every month the rest get a few trips a month - the commuter gets the most use in miles if not time

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by ton » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:18 pm

1 x surly ecr
1 x surly disc trucker

I like surly bikes. they just suit me.

self confessed serial bike swapper over the years. I am now healed.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by dlovett » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:19 pm

In order of size.

1) Carrera Vantage. It has a Alex Rim front wheel with a SP hub. Full Ultra DI2 groups (it was being sold very, very cheaply). Conti Gatorskin 25"s. Occasionally used if we need two road bikes or the Camino has an issue when I am working.

2) Sonder Camino Ali. Sram Rival 1 Hydraulic custom build with 650b dynamo hub and WTB Horizons/Byways. My go to bike for everything road and gravel. Love this bike It's done a BB200, YD220 and Cabin Fever 19. Quick enough to upset the roadies which is always fun and able to go anywhere. It's actually upset a few strava warriors on DH segments.

3) Trek Fuel EX, with loads of upgraded Hope bits etc. My first proper bike since getting back in riding. Great fun, but not used for about 2 years now since I got my first fat bike.

4) Cove Hummer, Ti frame/XT/XTR and some Chris King/Hope. A surgical rocket ship. Very light and flickable. Sadly not used that much, mainly when we need two mtb's or I fancy some skinny old skool

5) Vir Fortis, custom build. Perhaps my favourite bike. It really can go anywhere you want to go in comfort and speed. Great for XC/DH/eunduro due to it's light weight. It was my ITT bike until the Camino came along, but now it's back to first choice with tri bars on the Jones's and soon to have a 29er wheel set.

The trek will most likely be sold soon and possibly the Carrera if the 29er wheels work on the Vir Fortis. as we only have space for 3 bikes at home the rest live elsewhere. Its is pretty, but I guess we could live with out the Hummer.

If I could only have 1 bike it would most likely be the Camino just over the Vir Fortis, as it's a bit more practical. 2 bikes, would be both the Sonders.
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Asposium » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:19 pm

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by AlasdairMc » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:19 pm

Currently on six, and I can see myself sticking with that for a while unless I bow to peer pressure and start using suspension.

1 - Brompton. Bought it unintentionally as the folder I was using in London (Tern Verge) broke to the point of needing replaced six months into my ownership of it. It gets used for short journeys or when I don’t trust the outdoor security where I am - so end up bringing it indoors.

2 - Salsa Warbird. Currently on the turbo, doesn’t get used much either. I probably should return it to active service and put the road bike on the turbo instead

3 - Van Nicholas Mistral. It has been out of use for a couple of years but I’ve dusted it off for an event this weekend. I’d forgotten just how good a light bike was, and I really like Ti bikes (see below).

4 - Ti Stooge. Currently singlespeed, it’s my commuter when I’m not on the Van Nic or Brompton. Fast and great fun off-road.

5 - Jones Spaceframe Ti. This is my Sunday best bike, and gets used for bikepacking among other things. Definitely a bike for life (when you ignore the fact I cracked the truss fork - subsequently repaired)

6 - fatbike. 853 steel custom, made by Kinetics for the previous owner, who conveniently is my size and rides the same sort of bikes I like. It rides like a short travel full suss with unlimited grip, and the Ti truss (another one) keeps the front end nice and stiff while the tyre gives comfort.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Scud » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:27 pm

i am a bit of a sucker for a nice paint job and a pretty frame...

1- Reilly Gradient - ti gravel bike with a set of "gravel" wheels and a set of road wheels

2 - Singlespeed Singular Peregrine with drop bars, love the lug work and rides like a comfy sofa, probably ridden more than any other bike

3- Singular Gryphon with the PX fake Jones bars and geared.

4- Singlespeed Stooge Mk1 in that lovely plum colour.

5 - Salsa alloy Beargrease fat bike with both 4" fat wheels and 29+ wheels

6 - Singlspeed Soma Delancey road bike, again just because i love the chrome lug work and it is pretty!!

I think i might have a problem..........

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by FLV » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:28 pm

Good game, I like this as I too like talking about bikes and riding them :grin:

1. Nordest sardinha. Only just got the frame due to breaking something else. Set up with rigid forks. This is currently my favorite bike. I like the geometry and the ride. This is the go to bike for bikepacking and general riding about

2. SC Tallboy Al. Only just got this frame too, over indulged myself a bit. This has replaced a carbon hardtail which was not getting used really. I'll ride this if I'm going somewhere particularly rocky or if I just want to be comfier.

3. Salsa warbird. Use it mainly as a road bike with the odd towpath / dirt road thrown in. I intend to sell and replace with something with full mudgaurd mounts and bigger tyre clearance.

4. Cube road bike. I work away from home in the midlands, the mtb isnt that exciting for me round there and some guys at work ride road bikes so I can join in. I usually leave this at work in the summer but the sti is broken so the salsa has been called up for roadie rides currently.

Thats them all for me.

4 seems to be the magic number

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Jurassic » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:40 pm

For me it's;
1. Orbea Rallon, because after quite a few years away from full sus I got really curious and wanted something that would flatter my very average riding in technical terrain. Mission accomplished, it's a mind bogglingly good bike that still amazes me every time I ride it. Total overkill for me but what the hell, I love the thing.

2. Smokestone Henderson fat bike, this is the bike I ride most often as it's really muddy and rooty where my local trails are for at least 90% of the year. It replaced an On One fatty and is more trail orientated with relatively slack, modern geometry and is set up with dropper and suspension forks. It's a hoot to ride and often surprises people riding more conventional trail bikes.

3. Pinnacle Ramin One, this is my bikepacking bike and has evolved quite a lot from standard spec using mostly upgrade parts that I already had lying about and a few that I bought specifically for it.

4. Sonder Camino al, this is my newest bike and was bought as frameset and built using bits off my Boardman CX bike that I wasn't entirely happy with. This is mostly used as a sturdy year round road bike with full mudguards but I have Nanos for it for a bit of modest off road action if required.

5. Kona Kilauea, this an old Tange Prestige early nineties Kilauea which is currently hanging in the loft, I have most the original bits for it (XT thumbies, Sugino chainset and all the Joe Murray bits).

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by whitestone » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:42 pm

Oh dear ...

In no particular order, well road based then MTB.

1. On-One Pompetamine. This was my old commuter with an Alfine 11spd IGH but that broke so after the bike lay dormant for a couple of years I set it up singlespeed. Originally this was just to be a winter hack but I actually ride it quite a lot. Had it about eight years.

2. Genesis Croix de Fer 10. This was the replacement for the above. I moved the dynamo hubbed front wheel from the Pompetamine to this. The dynamo needed a service and I haven't put the bike back together since sending that off so it's currently in bits. Probably four years old.

3. Spesh Roubaix. Main road bike. Now nearly ten years old.

4. Cotic Solaris Mk1. Main MTB. Had it five or six years now. Originally with X-Fusion fork, it's now got a carbon rigid fork. Gets used for everything from bikepacking, general MTB and ITTs.

5. Salsa Spearfish. Bought the frame from Ian PV off here about 18 months ago. Taken a while to get accustomed to it and get it set up properly.

6. Singular Puffin fat bike. Bought as a rolling chassis from Ian Barrington specifically to ride in the Rovaniemi 150. Doesn't do big miles but that's not what it's about.

If I had to keep one bike it would be the Solaris. Considering consolidating the three road oriented bikes into one road/gravel bike with two wheelsets.
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by psling » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:06 pm

Fascinating collections above.
Mine consists of:
# Dean Colonel Singlespeed (26")
# Trek 69er singlespeed - in glorious Root Beer
# Independant Fabrications Deluxe (27 speed, 26") - this bike has taken me to a lot of places as well as any bike could, imeasurable smiles per miles :smile:
# Dean Torreys (700c) - CX bike, my gravel bike from before adventure was invented :wink:
# Kona King Kapu (20 speed, 700c, steel road bike)
# Marin Hawk Hill (10 speed, 650B) - play thing to kid myself I can still ride the rough stuff :lol:
And hanging on the wall, a 26" Orange P7 frame (if anyone wants it?!)
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by wriggles » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:07 pm

Well two years ago it was a lot, lot more but have sold loads and still too many......

1. Turner Sultan - 2012/13 version so last year they made them. Full suss was long, now medium, travel 29er. Only 29 lbs. Very versatile. Doesnt get ridden often but love it when I do

2. Sonder Broken Road - most ridden bike, used for bikepacking and local XC

3. Sonder Camino Ti - used mostly for touring and winter riding.

4. Stanton Sherpa - Built with rigid forks, tatty parts, pizza rack. Used for local stuff and trips to the supermarket.

5. Brompton - goes through phases of being used every day, to not being used for a couple months.
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by summittoppler » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:09 pm

Good read!

I'm usually found on:

1, Genesis Croix de Fer 10 (2016) with an SP Dynamo front hub. for the past few months I've been running 43mm GravelKings which cushions the blow nicely. I mainly use this for my commute but I've also had the odd overnighter on it which tbh I should do more of!

2. Salsa Mukluk fatbike (2014). This is my shire horse when it comes to bikepacking. Its great for beach riding but feels fantastic loaded up!

3. Salsa Bucksaw Carbon XO1 (2016). I was extremely fortunate to receive this dream bike direct from salsa HQ. The bike is perfect for the hills of Snowdonia and is a mountain goat at climbing. Thing is I'm terrified of damaging anything on it!!

Hmm? Looking at the dates I think I'm due a new one :lol:

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Teetosugars » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:36 pm

Salsa Vaya.
Salsa Fargo
Surly Krampus
Whyte T130S
Dialed Love/Hate
Cannondale Caad 12 Winter bike
Bowman Palace R
9Zero7 Fatbike
DeRosa Merak

All hanging up in my Cellar, apart from the Fargo, which my mate borrowed to try.. ( and I'm about to sell)

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by gairym » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:37 pm

Oooh, timely as my stable is currently undergoing some changes.....

Here goes (order tyres smallest to largest):

1. Planet X 'Kaffenback'

SS pub bike but with some lovely Middleburn RS2 square tapered cranks on.

2. Cotic 'Escapade'

Was my gravel bike but now putting on a compact double chainset and 32c wheels to have as my road/tourer type thing (with potential fast gravel option if needed).

3. Velo Orange 'Piolet'

Not delivered yet but will replace the gravel bike as a bikepacking orientated drop bar 29er - I can't wait!!!

4. Cotic 'Solaris'

My most regular 'mountain bike'. Bouncy forks, dropper post, double chainset and the bike I ride most on every terrain.

5. Santa Cruz 'Blur LT'

26" full bouncy bike for gravity assisted alpine fun.

6. Singular 'Rooster'

Fully rigid, great big (3" tyres on 52mm rims) monster truck of a thing that'll handle anything and everything - love it!

7. Travers 'Bat Fastard'

Absolutely sublime fatbike built up with the blingest of bling gear (that I'd never have been able to afford if not for the website/magazine a few years ago). Lauf fork, carbon Nextie rims and other finery - it really is the bee's knees :)

I can't see me changing much for the time being as I've spent a lot of time and effort (and not as much money as it looks as I buy most frames used and get most components cheap off eBay etc...) getting things exactly as I want them.

But.....that's not quite all.....

Only got rid of my road bike today, I still technically have my hardtail 26" Cotic 'Soul' but that'll be gone by next week.

And if we're going to get brutally honest about the numbers of bikes we own then I should probably mention the three steel 80s road bikes that I've got for future restoration (a Dave Marsh, a Raleigh and another I can't remember).

Oh, and a carbon On-one 'Lurcher' that I'll likely build into a single speed fully rigid something or other at some point.

Ok, that's it (I think) - :shock:

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by PaulB2 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:33 pm

From smallest tyres to biggest:

1. Giant Escape
Cheap and reasonably cheerful hybrid for riding to town and leaving there. It's also the bike that gets used for towing the kids.

2. Pinnacle Arkose
My current do it all bike - it replaced my old skinny tyred road bike, it's been credit card touring, it covers 90% of my usual leisure riding terrain and generally it's the bike I'm going to jump on unless I'm planning on going on a red trail at Cannock or off-road touring.

3. Giant Anthem
I bought this a few years ago after my old mountain bike disappeared since I wanted to do some trail riding and I wanted the comfort of a full sus but my budget would only stretch to a XC frame. I've not actually been trail riding on it much but it's become my bikepacking bike since it can cope with all terrain I'm likely to go on and it has nice low gearing for loaded riding.

I'm only allowed 3 bikes by matrimonial decree so still pondering how to squeeze my more ideal bikepacking bike into the collection.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Jurassic » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:05 pm

I'm starting to feel better about "only" having four operational bikes now. :lol:

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by composite » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:10 pm

Currently owned:

Orange P7 - Currently a build suitable for my girlfriend to ride, so a short stem and girl saddle. I really like this bike though and one day I'll have this back from here and either put it back to being a hardcore hardtail or maybe build a monster crosser out of it.
Orange 5 - For getting rad with the bros.
OnOne Lurcher - The mile munching/bikepacking mountain bike. This has gone between a hardtail and rigid depending upon my mood.
Singular Kite - Commuter, road bike and light off-road duties. I feel I rather pre-empted what became "gravel bikes" with this setup. Compact front double with XT mech and cassette on the back. 9 speed STIs had the same pull as the 9 speed mtb gear. Gave me a huge range that was great on road and off.

Planning on getting a gravel bike next, maybe the Arkose D3. I want something I can do some bikepacking on with a mixture of terrain. The Kite is awkward to use for that because the old 9-speed shifters have bad cable position for a bar bag and there isn't enough seat post for my saddle bag. Also, I would like to be able to run some bigger volume tyres. Oh and n+1.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by ssnowman » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:35 pm

[quote=PaulB2 post_id=185844 time=1561131195 user_id=4388

I'm only allowed 3 bikes by matrimonial decree so still pondering how to squeeze my more ideal bikepacking bike into the collection.

That's easy. You dismantle your least used bike, and hey presto, it's now a frame. You now have only two bikes and can therefore buy another :grin:
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Jurassic » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:41 pm

ssnowman wrote:
Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:35 pm
[quote=PaulB2 post_id=185844 time=1561131195 user_id=4388

I'm only allowed 3 bikes by matrimonial decree so still pondering how to squeeze my more ideal bikepacking bike into the collection.
That's easy. You dismantle your least used bike, and hey presto, it's now a frame. You now have only two bikes and can therefore buy another :grin:
Exactly, I only have four "bikes" but there are another three frames in the loft that don't count. :wink:

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Escape Goat » Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:46 pm

There are some lovely collections right there!
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Re: Your bike collection

Post by ton » Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:42 pm

after looking at the lists some blokes have on here, i now feel very proud to have only 2 bikes, that are ridden on a daily basis.


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Re: Your bike collection

Post by jameso » Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:10 pm

ton wrote:
Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:42 pm
after looking at the lists some blokes have on here, i now feel very proud to have only 2 bikes, that are ridden on a daily basis.

Have two. To get there, had ... 200? :grin: Kidding .. good to know you got a keeper or 2.

I have half a dozen. 3 used regularly inc the Brompton, 1 that is used less regularly but used well, and a couple that there's no point replacing for something newer, they're nice bikes and always will be. Got a really nice summer road bike to build up and that might mean selling one or two though.

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Re: Your bike collection

Post by Bearbonesnorm » Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:13 pm

Listed in the order in which they enter my head.

29" Inbred (wheel size not frame size). Built it about 9 years ago as a 'bikepacking bike'. Changed bits over the years but it's basically the same bike. Done lots of miles together and it just suits me. Still can't believe that a frame that cost so little can ride so well.

MK1 Stooge. Love at first sight and Dee very kindly bought me a frame for a birthday present. I was having a puple one but Andy forgot and arrived with a blue one instead - kind of glad he did. Sometimes it's a 29er, other times it's B+ and every so often it sports a 29+ front wheel.

Dialled Prince Albert. Was the bike I coached on for many years. Not ridden it for a long time but could never part with it.

Ramin +. What a brilliant bike - it must be as I bought it with my own money.

Arkose bastard. Built from a NOS frame of unknown (to me) vintage. It's a proper collection of bits but works superbly. It's actually the bike I used to invent 'Gravel+' ..... and they said it'd never catch on :roll:

Rock Lobster 853. First bike I ever bought and cost a stupid amount at the time. Probably very retro now but probably also needs a rebuild after someone borrowed it. Lovely bike to ride even now (well, before they borrowed it).

Haro Mary. Was my SS but now sports a SA 2 speed rear hub. Used to ride it a lot but probably not seen the light of day for 3 years.

Surly disc Trucker. Really can't decide. If I ride it, then I like it but most of the time I'm not really taken by it - don't know why.

1950's Mercier 650b Randonneur. Really must get round to restoring it one day.

Raleigh 20 'Proper shopper'. 'Nuff said.

Carver 69er. This one is a collection of bits that I've yet to put together. I had one years ago and loved it dearly but like a nob I sold it and regretted it ever since.
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