Podsacs saddle bag ?

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Re: Podsacs saddle bag ?

Post by Alh14 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:07 pm

Thanks will have a go at those tips.

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Re: Podsacs saddle bag ?

Post by m_kittle » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:05 pm

I ordered one earlier as an entry into bikepacking.
Looking forwards to trying it out when I get back from Switzerland!

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Re: Podsacs saddle bag ?

Post by pistonbroke » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:24 pm

Just had an email with Friday special offers, the frame bag is reduced to £10 for the small and £15 for the medium, worth a punt at that!

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Re: Podsacs saddle bag ?

Post by ZeroDarkBivi » Tue May 21, 2019 3:34 pm

Anybody tried the bar bag? I need something more durable, and too tight to splash out on the Ortileb bag.

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Re: Podsacs saddle bag ?

Post by redefined_cycles » Tue May 21, 2019 4:47 pm

I had 2 of the podsac dry bags for the fork. They was waterproof alright as I tested it with around 4kg of water. It was literally like a bucket and the weight reflected that... I imagine, going by what I had, this saddlepacks gonna weighin at around the 1kg mark...

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Re: Podsacs saddle bag ?

Post by Borderer » Wed May 22, 2019 5:29 pm

I bought one of the Podsacs saddle bags for Joe when they were £25 from PlanetX. We took it away for two months and gave it some serious testing. I was so impressed with it that I am thinking of selling my 16l Ortlieb and getting one for myself.

Good points in no particular order:

Its only about 600g so a bit heavier than the Ortlieb (which has a bigger capacity), but not much. It feels stronger and more robust though as it is made from a heavier fabric.
It is very waterproof.
It doesn't sway.
It is possible to open it and get something out while it is still on the bike without it collapsing and spilling all your stuff over the dirt.
It sits up nicely away from the tyre and acts as a very functional mudguard.
The straps don't work loose during a ride. They are also easy to tighten and the buckles release easily.

Negative points:

Only one - if the bag is full then the light mounting point is in the wrong place.

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Re: Podsacs saddle bag ?

Post by middleagedmadness » Wed May 22, 2019 5:41 pm

I had the same bag and also couldn't fault it except for I broke a buckle on it after 6 months daily use ( on commute) but can't really moan about that

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