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Rob S
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by Rob S »

July BaM, I went out Saturday evening to explore a bit more of North Beds. One of the bridleways I couldn't get down due to a small tree having fallen. I'm ordering a Bahco folding saw before going back.
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Ginsters + beer + sunset = :-bd

Image20220731_083030 by Robert Smith, on Flickr

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It had rained all morning so I packed up and found an Oak to have a brew under.

Image20220731_083632 by Robert Smith, on Flickr
There are some really quiet parts if you know where to look, I've never seen anyone using this bridleway.

Image20220731_105840 by Robert Smith, on Flickr
Visited Harrold country park cafe for a egg and bacon roll and a tea mid morning.

Image20220731_121703 by Robert Smith, on Flickr
Used the section of Roman road on the way home and found this mess. Dirty filthy bastards. There's some asbestos sheeting in there as well, would this be an enviromental agency issue or would it fall to the landowner to clear up?
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by riderdown »

would this be an enviromental agency issue or would it fall to the landowner to clear up?
My understanding is that the landowner cops for the cost of removal, EA might want to check for evidence, don't expect it to result in a prosecution, just another line on a depressing spreadsheet
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by benp1 »

Popped out for a last minute bivy on Thursday night. Was a bit of a rush, had family staying with us and then was away camping with the family the day after so left once I’d gathered most of the kit for the family trip

Went out on my electric cargo bike as I needed to pick up some food for the family trip on the way back. As I had a bit more space I took a little chair with me and bivvied in a nature reserve by the sea. Was rather noisy being surrounded by many many seabirds, mostly little terns. Made a last minute decision to bivy at the end of a dead end path rather than the on the bigger track where there was a nice bench. Was a good decision in the end because even though I was up at just after 6am, there were already people around. Didn’t need the bench as I had a chair anyway. Had a chat with a couple of old boys who had stopped at a bench for a chat over a themos having cycled there, they could see me at my bivy spot, thought I was fishing.

Coffee and (a surprisingly good) bacon roll at Greggs on the way back, then loaded up with shopping from Tesco. Glad I was on the cargo bike because I ended up buying quite a lot and must have had about 10kg-15kg of shopping - drinks, cans of various things, pasta, snacks, bread, croissants
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by RIP »

Enjoyed hearing about that Ben - cargobikepacking. That must be a first. Lots of scope for taking Far Too Much Stuff of course though with all that space :smile: . Maybe you could have shopped the previous evening then you'd have had all those yummy croissants etc for breakfast :smile: .
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by summittoppler »

Here's my film from last weeks bivvy on Carnedd Llewellyn if anyone's interested. You'll get a good idea of the terrain/views. I quickly go through my kit near the end and in the last 30 seconds you'll see/hear what I didn't expect from being at the summit!
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by Wotsits »

Just sneaked in July, headed out late last night but had a lovely long snooze this morn only disturbed by some walkers.


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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by Raggedstone »

I had to settle for a local one this month due to commitments so headed off down the lane to the local for a welcome pint and to contemplate the nights resting place .
Pint downed plan formed and immediately head off in the opposite direction to the far end of the Malvern's it was about 10 o'clock and very warm perfect for a ride about halfway I got to the top of one of the hills and below me was the Welland Steam rally site all lit up ready for the weekend it looked brilliant and all the electricity for the entire site is provided by the engines not exactly clean energy in every sense .
ImagePXL_20220730_040229329 by Kevin Hawker, on Flickr
The top of the hill was fairly flat with a great view of the Worcestershire Alps so unpacked the sleeping kit and retired slept well got up around six before the dog walkers appeared had some breakfast and went off in search of trig points visited or got close to 5 of the 8 closest to home . I stopped for a cup of tea at a pub due the lack of cafe's I was served a tray with a teapot and a mug on a saucer which is a first :smile: I was starting to feel very hungry due to the lack of food a sitiuation made worse by constantly thinking about what to have for dinner fortunately and unexpectedly for the time of year i came across this .
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by NeilA »

July BAM...22 July...
A message from 'bike n bivi' guru Leigh earlier in the day (22nd) prompted me to join him, thus breaking my usual end of month BAM timings.

However this posting is dangerously late, my excuse, either hols or work, no time for out else!

Following work that day I hastily cooked dinner, assembled kit then cycled to meet Leigh at Diglis Bridge, Worcester. Using town cycleways and quiet country lanes we ventured to a lovely spot on the Warwickshire Avon, previously visited in April last year.

Distraction took us to a gorgeous country pub for a few good pints and a long chin wag.

Under the cloak of dark we took a short journey to our camp spot by the Avon, near to Eckington, sharing with a moored narrow boat.

The rest is history, Leigh travelling on a single speed jobbie with a modded large square basket on the front carrying minimal kit. Me on my workhorse with stuffed panniers, my only sensible choice while my number one bivi bike needs a new rear hub. Too expensive to achieve at mo. Talking of light, as confirmed devotee's we sported Alpkit Kloke's.
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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by Bearlegged »

I breathed in, savouring the clean, fresh air. Laying back on my mat, I stared upwards. Above me, a split and twisted bough clung on to the tree trunk, its dead embrace tapering down to where lesser branches and twigs cushioned it against the sprung floor of moss and grasses.
An exhalation, purging myself of the constant rush of the working week, my body softening as tension flows out into my surroundings and evaporates.
Another deep breath in, awakening my airways, and filling my belly. Soaring above the tree's broken limb, newer growth. Strong, eager growth, reaching up to the light, ready to bathe in sunlight and rain, to swaddle in mist and to dance in the wind.
And beyond it all, a calm blue.

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Re: Bivvy a month 2022

Post by SR »

August done, head out mid afternoon friday wandered up to the forest of dean nice and quiet by the time we got up there. Via some nice single track on the way. Rolled along to symonds yat and found a nice spot. That was new spot with lovely views. Worked our way back down the valley off road for the most part. Stopping for a pint at the bottom of town before one last hill home.
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