My WRT report, better late than never!

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My WRT report, better late than never!

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Better late than never.sorry text heavy.

Left South Devon early in the morning but not as early as normal, drove up slowly to mid Wales and stopped for my usual subway meal deal before heading to the parking, later than I hoped. Chatted with Dee for a long time before cycling to the farm for part way through the raffle. My shorts, hoodie and flip flops were a little out of place but no worries.
Right, clear off and mind the rally cars...

Back to the field, change, load, dither and then leave!

Usually I ride with Darbeeze (Si Darbyj on these events but due to various lockdowns it would be just me and Wales for the weekend. Si normally plans a route but this time I’d be going old school, OS maps and optimism. A wandering we shall go!o

Headed up the lane, bridleway up to the Mach road, chatting to a farmer for a good half hour before chatting to a guy from East Devon nr the top. He was aiming for all the checkpoints. Did he make it?

Next along the road to Staylittle where I stopped and chatted further with two more local ladies.

Through the forest using ViewRanger to double check my position before wandering along the usual fantastic into bad into bog into fantastic into wonderful bridleways. Not much planning except for looking at the map and going, that looks interesting.

Time was going on, so chips at Llanidloes was required before heading into the woods by Llyn Ebyr. Note Don’t follow the handmade signpost to the lake it’s not for cyclists with a shoddy stile along the path.
A lovely evening listening to the birds until sleep and in what seemed an instant, the dawn chorus.
Mist over the lake in the morning was lovely but no skinny dipping!

Breakfast and an early start , wandering around to Llandinham and Little London. More chatting with the locals as a horse fun ride was taking place before heading up the track onto the hills. Missing a path meant another chat with a local, photographing the riders. No worries about being in the wrong place the land owner is a mountain biker. Back on track and then joined the Caersws old vehicle club tractor rally, up hill to the wind farm at Waun Lluestowain(?). Lunch at the wind farm building and a snooze in the shade after all the sun before chatting with the farmer.
Lovely bridleway by Seven Wells. (Isn’t that on the tour divide write ups lol). Before heading to Castle bank and a bit of the Glydwr’s way.

Late afternoon and enough of this sunshine, time to head back towards Llanidloes to make a shorter Monday.
Up through Abbeycwmhir and up to Blwch-y-sarnau and down to the Chinese for their chips. Chatted with Rich G (I think) before heading up the valley to Hafren forest car park and bivvy spot. Thanks to the guys there for the company.

A cold night with frost on the bivvy bag meant a tired cyclist. While the guys were talking about a quick spin down to Stu’s, the nagging thought of a few more miles rose to the surface.
Loading up and jumping on the bike so showed a puncture in the front tyre. Thanks for the loan of the track pump!

Off and into Hafren and cross country towards the Start with the aim of heading down through the forest at the back of Stu’s.
Two bits of making the scenery fit my perception of the map meant two errors. Thankfully Rich (again) showed me when I actually was. So a change of plan and roll back to the farm on the roads.

Tea, cake, chat with Stu, Dee and talk the usual talk, look at project deathtrap. Interesting. Before heading home.

See you all next year, thanks for the great weather and to everyone I met along the way.

Photos here: ... 459&type=3
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Re: My WRT report, better late than never!

Post by darbeze »

Enjoyed that Rob...

I'll be back next year, don't worry :-bd

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