Home to the Welsh coast and two firsts...

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Home to the Welsh coast and two firsts...

Postby Al » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:23 pm

Set off from home in Bishops castle before lunch yesterday via Kerry Ridgeway, over wind turbines, via Nant Rhys and onto Monks Trod. All the way across - bone dry and dry socks still at the other end! (The first first).

Stopped at Claerdu bothy last night - never seen this before and was a bit shocked as I rode over the hill to it! (definitely another first):
882635F1-5683-4098-A1D3-C9141C4AD56C.jpeg (33.53 KiB) Viewed 578 times

Just to be clear the bike was mine and the car was nothing to do with me!

Finished up in Aberystwyth via the Ystwyth trail this morning.
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Re: Home to the Welsh coast and two firsts...

Postby jay91 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:46 pm

The ford must of been low to get that though
Trying to ride bikes.
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Re: Home to the Welsh coast and two firsts...

Postby Hamish » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:29 pm

I think our Welsh Bothys are getting less and less attractive as the typical users are no longer walkers, cyclists, horse riders, etc. I know this sounds like a whinge from a grumpy old cyclist - but it's more of an observation and reflection on how I can adapt to the reality that Bothys have had their day for me here. Scotland is usually different - due to the remoteness.

I went to Nant Syddion a few weeks ago. We found a car there on arrival and four lads in the Bothy. They were playing loud drum and base music and had filled the main room with their stuff. They then moved on to watching videos on a laptop and made no effort to make space for us to sit/cook etc. We did chat to them and to be fair they were nice lads with no idea that they were doing anything that a more traditional bothy user would find at all annoying. They gave us a cold beer and cleaned up really well in the morning before driving off through the forestry.

Last time I went to claerddu it was full of blokes smoking very pungent skunk and drinking cans whilst shouting loudly. We went in said hi (they just looked at us as if we were bonkers) before taking our leave and camping nearby.

Moel Prysgau.... Arrived to find a bonfire outside with quad bikes circling it and guys with air guns shooting at cans. Retreated and camped. Went back a day later on way home and it was in a right mess.

I could go on... Catch a bothy empty or populated by like minded people and they are brilliant. But that seems to happen less and less these days. I guess it's partly because I am up in that area so often so the chances are I will have good and bad experiences. Anyway... Am I a miserable git - or do others feel the same?
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