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Bear Bones 200 2014

The Bear Bones 200 is a 200km independent time trial through the Cambrian mountains and beyond. It's a true test of stamina, self reliance and mental toughness. You're free to make your own decisions (and mistakes), maybe you'll choose to stop for a few hours rest or perhaps you'll try and press on through the night hoping to outrun the 'sleep monster'? Whatever your strategy, the goal is to ride the full route, without any outside assistance, as quickly as your mind and body will allow.

For those who complete the challenge in under 24 hours, a highly coveted black badge is awarded, 24 - 28 hours receive a blue badge and all other finishers get a green badge of honour.

Ysgol Llanbrynmair and Community Centre is the venue in down-town Llanbrynmair, SY19 7DH. We serve tea and coffee before the start on Saturday from 8am and again on Sunday along with hot food from 8am - 8.30pm. There is a choice of food on the entry form. BB200 tees are only available to order and can't be purchased at the event.

The BB200 isn't a race but it isn't meant to be a leisurely pootle either. It's an independent time trial that's meant to test your physical capabilities and mental resilience. Read the questions and answers below and if there's anything that you don't think you can adhere to, then the Bear Bones 200 probably isn't the event for you.

Can I ride in a group?
Yes but remember a group tends to ride
slower than an individual.
What happens if I get lost?
You'll have to get un-lost.
Is there a time limit I have to complete within?
No, but if you think that under 34 hours is beyond your riding capability, then this isn't the event for you.
Do I have to carry certain items?
Yes, there's a basic mandatory kit list that everyone must carry:
• Sleeping bag
• Bivvy bag, tent or tarp
• F & R lights
• Mobile phone
Can I buy things along the way?
You can buy food/supplies from any commercial outlet so long as it's available to every rider.
Can I 'stash' things along the route before the start or can someone meet me with spare clothes, food, etc?
Do I have to use a GPS?
A GPS would certainly be an advantage but you don't have to use one.
Is the route way-marked?
No, once you leave the start you're completely on your own in every regard including navigation.



Event date: 11/12 October 2014.

Entries now closed as allocated places have been filled.

The Second Coming

After 3 years and some pretty remarkable performances, the BB200 is undergoing a few changes, nothing drastic, just a couple of tweaks.

The route this year will be entirely new and won't be made available until 3 days before the start. We're not going to divulge any details and spoil the surprise but rest assured we won't be happy until you're not happy, so it'll still contain all those ingredients you've come to know and love over the last 3 years. Expect plenty of ups and downs (both actual and metaphorical) and every type of terrain imaginable. Each entrant will receive an email on the morning of Oct 8th containing a gpx file of the route and general event details, so keep an eye on your inbox and contact us if you haven't got the expected email by 10am. Please don't ask for a copy of the route before Oct 8th because you won't get one, just prepare yourself for 200km of 'wild Wales' and you shouldn't get too many unexpected surprises.

There'll also be a change of venue this year with the start / finish moving from Ceulan to Llanbrynmair Community Centre, which means better facilities, easier parking and somewhere warm to retreat to when you finish. It also means we can serve tea and coffee before the start.

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